Thursday, November 20, 2008

House Shadow Perspective

This was fun to draw after i figured out the second perspective was way off the page. i had trouble casting the shadow because it was hard to make the lines line up over the spiral bump in my page, so the angles were a little off.

room perspectives

i wasn't expecting the angle on the two point perspective to be quite as dramatic as it was. Sometimes it was a little confusing the pick the right edge to start drawing off of, or if the lines go up or down

I didn't get to really show much of the one point perspective with this view of the room since you can't see the 3-dness of a lot of the shapes.

Desk Perspectives

I really like this two point perspective of my desk. When you get the vanishing point at the correct height it makes a world of difference.

the bottom of the desk looks a little funny, but i had stuff in the way/Nicole sits right behind me so i couldn't back up far enough away to get a fuller view of my desk. The table dimensions on the desk do look a little exaggerated.

Orthographic Cubes

I needed a lot of help with these. A lot A lot. I'm getting much better at drawing the actual figures but it was really hard to "correct" the top/side/front views. Especially when using dotted lines.

exercise 6.4, north/scale exercise

This was intimidating at first as my first house plan drawing, but as I moved onto the Venturi House i realized this is relatively easy to draw.

Stoel had us practiced our form with the correct border, an assortment of North symbols, and various scale measurements.

Venturi House

I was having trouble measuring this since the measurements weren't nice and neat. It took a lot longer than i thought it would.

Conveying Depth

This was was probably my favorite to draw. It was interesting but most importantly, not terribly tedious. I did have a little trouble with pencil smudging as i got to drawing all the lines in the background. I need to learn how to work neatly.

Building Sections

this one was the most challenging. I really hated all the lines in the roof and the columns were hard to draw since they weren't straight. i tried pocheing by coloring the back with a gray marker but i think it showed up too dark, and it smeared in one spot.